In this world, nobody is truly blameless!

Who made z0rZ?

Hi there, I'm Fredrik. My friends call me Demmy, and online I call myself Demonen. That's usually taken, making me fall back to DemmyDemon.

Who are you?

Just some dude, you know? I'm a software developer that works for a small e-commerce business, and in my spare time I play games and learn new programming languages.

That's right, I'm a nerd, and proudly so.

Why should I care?

Wha...? I mean, you clicked the link, nobody is forcing you to read this. Don't think of an elephant.

So you made all this?

No man is an island. The banner font is called Alligator2, and was made by by Daniel Wiz. AKA Merlin Greywolf in 1994. The styling is heavily inspired, and in some cases straight up copied, from a codepen.io post.

© 2021 Fredrik Vold - Published 2021-07-27 - Edited 2021-11-05