What is z0rZ?

z0rZ is a static site generator. It takes some Markdown files, a handful of templates and a few other bits and bobs, munches it up and spits out a website. There is no real back-end, no database, no nothing.

So it's not a fancy CMS?

Nope, it's just a thingmabobber I built to extrude HTML from Markdown and abstract away some of the tedious bits. This makes it much easier to pop up other sites in the same overall style and lets me focus on other stuff besides maintaining a website.

Can I have a copy?

Hah, if you absolutely want a bland website of your own, sure, I'll share. If anyone ever pokes me about it, I'll probably throw this thing on GitHub or something. For now, it lives in my private pile of git repos, though, so you'll have to reach out to me to get a copy.

© 2021 Fredrik Vold - Published 2021-07-27 - Edited 2021-11-05